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 Please use the red links to navigate around, enjoy the rails etc, and please take a few mins to look at the charity stuff, that's what it's all about for us.  Please follow the link below and sign up to our forum, lots of interesting stuff, free downloads, up to date info and pics of ongoing projects, and a chance to chat with us whenever you want.

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Free/local rate number   0845 257 8818      

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New Range Rover/Discovery based rail kits avaliable , click the Land rover Link in the menu! 

 Uk sandrails

You have found the Shack!  Not a mythical mechanical Shangri-la where the oil smells of draught ale and the mechanics are all mini-skirted honeys, but a place where unusual and fun machines are designed, built, and modified by a dedicated team of craftsmen, engineers and volunteers. We then use these machines to bring adventure and independence experiences to disabled and other deserving groups.  We are petrolheads, not web designers or keyboard techs, so bear with us and wade through our site.  If there is some high octane go-go juice in your veins it will be worth it. 

expedition sand  rail


  We build our trademark spaceframe augment sandrails to our own unique designs, individual to each customer,  no two are the same, but they all carry the Dreamshack DNA, and the only place on the planet they are available is here.

expedition sand rail 


 Please use the links to look around, details of our rail construction, what we do, and how, our charitable organisation works are all here.

road runner rail 

 sandrail vw

Although we work with several government agencies, we do not receive any funding or grants whatsoever.  We are entirely self funding through donations, sales and services.  We wish to maintain this independence so we can aim our services where they are most needed. 

Initially we began just to get a few wounded servicemen and women out in our cars for a bit of fun, but now we aim to use our specialised vehicles for a variety of groups who may benefit.   If you are involved in any charity, hospice, or group that would benefit from our work please get in touch.

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